Coogee: Python Saga Concludes with Joyous Reunion

Mango Python Coogee
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In a heartwarming turn of events, the second of two missing pythons, Mango, has been safely reunited with its owner in Coogee. This joyful reunion marks the end of a distressing period for the python’s owner, who had been desperately seeking the return of her beloved pets.

The saga began over three weeks ago when two domesticated pythons, Mango and Bagel, went missing under alarming circumstances. The owner’s ex-partner, following a personal dispute, is alleged to have damaged their enclosures and left them in an unsecured box on Mount Street in Coogee.

From there, the pythons disappeared, sparking a frantic search by their distraught owner.

Bagel python Coogee
Photo Credit: Taja Mae/Instagram

In response to the crisis, the owner took to Facebook, appealing to her neighbours and the wider Coogee community for assistance in locating her ‘scaly babies.’

She expressed deep concern for their safety, noting that the domesticated pythons were not accustomed to surviving in the wild. Her plea resonated with the community, mobilizing a concerted effort to find the missing reptiles.

Bagel was the first to be found, discovered a week after the disappearance. Mango was later found hiding under a rock near a Coogee home.

The owner’s gratitude towards the community was profound, as she took to social media to express her thanks for the overwhelming support and assistance that played a crucial role in the safe return of Mango and Bagel.

Accompanying this story are legal proceedings against the owner’s ex-partner, who has been charged with property damage in relation to the incident.

This case has shed light on the risks associated with the domestication of wild animals and the importance of wildlife protection, underscored by comments from wildlife experts about the dangers faced by captive-bred animals in the wild.

Published 15-Nov-2023