Dan Murphy’s Trials New Tech to Chill Drinks in Minutes at Coogee Store

Dan Murphy’s
Photo credit: vtex.cool

Dan Murphy’s store in Coogee will soon allow customers to chill their drinks in just minutes using innovative new technology.

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The store is trialling V-Tex, a device that can chill cans and bottles to 5 degrees celsius in only three minutes. V-Tex works by rotating beverages at speed in a bath of ice water, evenly distributing the temperature without disturbing the liquid.

According to Dan Murphy’s Head of Endeavour Build Paul Burrows, V-Tex will provide added convenience for customers and employees. He added that this will really deliver the convenience that customers are looking for, and it can all be done at the point of sale.

Photo credit: vtex.cool

Although Dan Murphy’s stores have extensive refrigeration, V-Tex means customers’ choices aren’t limited by what’s already chilled. The technology also gives Dan Murphy’s a sustainability edge, as there are no chemicals used in the cooling process.

V-Tex Sales Director Colin Rodgers said the technology enables on-demand chilling in a way that hasn’t been achieved successfully before. He hopes that in time, this technology will be the global standard for beverage chilling. The group is excited to be working with Dan Murphy’s and Endeavour Drinks Group to release this technology in Australia.

How it Works

Photo credit: vtex.cool

V-Tex’s groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for constant refrigeration by enabling beverages to be stored at room temperature. Then, when customers are ready to drink, the beverages can be rapidly chilled in just minutes at the point of sale or consumption using V-Tex devices.

This on-demand chilling capability not only provides convenience, but is also an environmentally friendly solution. Compared to traditional refrigeration methods, V-Tex saves 50-90% of energy. With its energy efficiency and lack of chemical coolants, V-Tex offers businesses and consumers an innovative green chilling option

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The trial of V-Tex comes just in time for summer, when demand for chilled drinks spikes. If successful, the technology could roll out to more Dan Murphy’s locations across the country.

Dan Murphy’s is located at 102/104 Brook St, Coogee.

Published 11-January-2024