Declutter and Discover This Holiday Season at Coogee’s Beachside Bargain Hunt

Beachside Bargain Hunt
Photo credit: Randwick City Council/Facebook

Feeling the urge to declutter and searching for unique second-hand treasures as the holiday season approaches? Get a head start on gift-giving whilst scoring bargains at the Beachside Bargain Hunt, the perfect event for treasure hunters and declutterers alike. 

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Hosted by Randwick City Council on Sunday, December 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as part of their Best Gift Market at the Goldstein Reserve, this mini-scale beachside market packs all the excitement of a full-scale marketplace into a curated selection of second-hand sellers. 

Forget wrestling through crowds and overwhelming options, Beachside Bargain Hunt offers a relaxed, leisurely opportunity to discover everything from vintage fashion to collectibles, artwork, books, music, and more.

Beachside Bargain Hunt
Photo credit: Randwick City Council/Facebook

For just $40 for two suitcases, you can secure your own selling spot to peddle pre-loved goods you no longer need. Whether you’re an avid thrifter looking to declutter, a parent hoping to earn extra shopping money, or a collector seeking new owners for beloved items, this is your chance to pass along quality second-hand finds.

Photo credit: Randwick City Council/Facebook

This is your chance to rehome quality second-hand items no longer sparking joy. Grab any good-conditioned goods you want to pass along – from knick-knacks and clothing to books, jewellery, plants, shoes, music, artwork, and everything in between.

Now, an important note for sellers: this suitcase sale keeps things tidy and simple. Sales must come right from your luggage – no additional display equipment allowed. But not to worry, that just means getting creative with how you pack and present your goodies!

Of course, the real magic happens on the buyer’s end. Come ready to uncover rare treasures spanning decades and styles. Comb through suitcases stuffed with mystery offerings and see what speaks to you. It’s the perfect place to find budget-friendly holiday gifts with character and heart. The intimate, curated setup means quality over quantity, so you can feel good about your purchases.

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With the application deadline of November 19 for sellers, spots are sure to fill up quickly. Don’t miss the fun of Beachside Bargain Hunt – a delightful twist on second-hand shopping just steps from the ocean. Sellers and buyers alike are invited to end their year on a high note by joining Council for this one-of-a-kind seasonal celebration of reuse and community.

Published 14-November-2023