Discover Gordons Bay, Home to Sydney’s Only Underwater Nature Trail

gordons bay
Photo credit: Mark Gunning/Google Maps

Tucked away along the rocky coastline between Clovelly and Coogee beaches lies Gordons Bay, home to a unique attraction – Sydney’s only underwater nature trail.

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This submerged trail offers adventurous swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers an up-close look at the diverse marine life inhabiting the bay.

The trail consists of 25 concrete-filled drums linked together by chains that stretch 600 metres along the seafloor. Plaques attached to each drum provide information about the marine species commonly found at that depth. 

At its shallowest point near the shore entry ramp, the trail sits 2 metres below the surface. It gradually descends to a maximum depth of 15 metres farther out in the bay.

What can you expect to see at the underwater nature trail? 

An Eastern Blue Groper, a regular sight for swimmers, snorkelers and divers at Gordons Bay (Photo credit: Gordons Bay SCUBA Diving Club/Facebook)

Blue groper, cuttlefish, various wrasses and rays are just some of the fish species that call Gordons Bay home. There are also thousands of marine invertebrates like giant cuttlefish, nudibranchs, sea anemones, sea stars and sea urchins. 

This abundance and diversity of ocean life make the underwater trail a self-guided tour for scuba divers and snorkelers to learn about and observe some of the bay’s most incredible flora and fauna.

Photo credit: Gordons Bay SCUBA Diving Club/Facebook

The trail was completed in 1990 and has been maintained by the Gordons Bay Scuba Diving Club since then up to this day. Their dedication over the past 30 years has kept this unique coastal attraction open for the public to enjoy. 

It typically takes about 40 minutes to complete the entire underwater journey. Or on a clear, calm day it is possible to view and identify marine species from the surface whilst snorkelling along the trail.

Photo credit: Gordons Bay SCUBA Diving Club/Facebook

Visitors can find more information about the underwater trail at the permanent sign located at the bottom of the Clovelly/Gordon’s Bay steps on Cliffbrook Parade. This informative sign provides details about the trail itself as well as the location of the 25 submerged drums that guide divers and snorkelers along the route.

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So next time you’re seeking an outdoor adventure in Sydney that offers a twist, grab your mask and fins and dive into the fascinating underwater world along the nature trail in Gordons Bay. It’s an opportunity to explore a one-of-a-kind wilderness, hidden below the waves.

Published 8-August-2023