Ivo Rowe Rockpool in Coogee to Get New Staircase, Enhancing Safety and Access

Ivo Rowe Rockpool in South Coogee

To enhance safety and accessibility, a new staircase is being planned for the Ivo Rowe Rockpool, a cherished spot along the Coastal Walkway in South Coogee.

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

This project aims to replace the existing, deteriorating concrete and rocky steps with a modern structure that will better withstand the area’s harsh coastal conditions.

Located at 1R Bunya Parade, the Ivo Rowe Rockpool is renowned for its natural beauty and is one of the smallest ocean pools along the scenic Coastal Walkway. The planned staircase, made from fibre-reinforced polymer mini mesh and stainless steel, promises not only durability but also a safer, more reliable means for visitors to access the pool.

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

The project will be executed in three phases

Design Phase: Set to conclude by July 2024, this phase involves meticulous planning to ensure the new staircase meets all safety and aesthetic requirements.

Procurement and Fabrication: Expected to take up to two months, this phase focuses on sourcing materials and preparing them for installation.

Construction and Installation: Slated for September 2024, this final phase will see the actual building and installation of the staircase, marking a significant improvement in the pool’s accessibility.

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

The new staircase will significantly enhance the visitor experience by providing a safer and more convenient route to the rockpool. This upgrade underscores the community’s commitment to preserving and improving its natural attractions, ensuring they remain accessible and enjoyable for both locals and tourists alike.

Published Date 20-June-2024