Vehicle Driver Gives New Meaning to ‘Double Parking’ on Carr St in Coogee

Carr St Double Park
Carr St, Coogee (Photo credit: Facebook)

A photo of a vehicle occupying two parking bays on Carr St in Coogee has gone viral on social media, giving new meaning to the term ‘double parking’ and spurring discussions on parking in the area.

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The incident occurred one Saturday morning in June 2023, when the car was spotted parked haphazardly on Carr Street, which has one of the closest rows of parking spaces to the beach.

The photo, accompanied by the caption, “Busy Saturday morning, entitled or what,” quickly gained traction on a local group on Facebook, sparking a range of responses from the members. Many locals deemed the act as an example of selfish behaviour, particularly given the idyllic conditions of the day. However, opinions have been divided on the matter.

Photo credit: Google Street View

Some individuals argued in defence of the driver, expressing frustration with the narrowness of the parking lines. They claimed that whilst they understand the concept of entitled parking, the spaces themselves should be more accommodating. 

Photo credit: Google Street View

These individuals shared personal anecdotes of instances where they unintentionally parked incorrectly due to the adjacent car’s poor parking, only for that car to subsequently leave, creating the false impression of intentional wrongdoing on their part.

The incident has highlighted the ongoing debate surrounding parking facilities and the need for more spacious parking bays.

Although some members of the public condemned the luxury vehicle driver for their thoughtless parking, others called for a re-evaluation of the size and layout of parking spaces to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen whether this incident will prompt any changes in parking regulations or lead to a broader conversation about parking infrastructure in Coogee and other areas.

Published 22-June-2023