Outrage Ensues as Coogee Cafe Raises Prices Amidst Cost of Living Crisis

Little Jack Horner Coogee Cafe
Photo Credit: Google Maps screengrab

Little Jack Horner, a popular beachside Coogee cafe, has elicited strong reactions among local patrons after they noticed a significant increase in prices on its menu. 

The store’s decision to raise the price of its smashed avocado dish to $10.90 has left customers shocked and disappointed. Some think that amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis, when many Australians are struggling to cope with rising expenses, Little Jack Horner’s price increases have been ill-timed.

A bacon and egg breakfast, consisting of two eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, roast field mushrooms, crispy smashed chats, and baked beans, now comes with a hefty price tag of $33.90. 

Side dishes such as bacon, halloumi, and salmon cost $9.90, $11.90, and $14.90, respectively. Even additional servings of baked beans and mushrooms on the side come at a premium, priced at $6.90 and $13.90.

Little Jack Horner Coogee Cafe
Photo Credit: LittleJackHorner/Facebook

Management defended the price hikes and explained that this was the first time they have increased prices in over three years. The store cited the rising costs of rent, wages, power, and produce as the reason behind the decision. 

Owner BJ McHatton highlighted that the entire industry is undergoing a “course correct” and emphasized that Little Jack Horner offers a premium experience beyond just food.

However, not all customers see the value in the increased prices. One customer, who visited the Coogee cafe over the Easter long weekend, described the prices as “ridiculous” after their bill for two breakfasts with fruit juices reached nearly $100, including a holiday surcharge. Others commented on the high breakfast prices, comparing them to what they would expect to pay for dinner.

Little Jack Horner Coogee Cafe
Photo Credit: LittleJackHorner/Facebook

Little Jack Horner currently holds a Google rating of 4.1 stars out of five, with over 1,400 reviews. While many customers appreciate the venue’s great views and food, there is a recurring sentiment that the menu no longer offers good value for money.

The controversy surrounding Little Jack Horner’s price increases comes at a time when housing affordability is a pressing issue in Australia.

A recent study conducted by the University of Sydney revealed that foregoing indulgences like avocado toast alone is insufficient for young people to save for their first home. Financial adviser Brenton Tong noted that despite the cost of living crisis, many Sydney residents struggle to cut back on spending due to the lifestyle they are accustomed to. 

Tong highlighted that while people have reduced expenses like restaurants and movies, they still indulge in smaller luxuries such as takeaway, Saturday breakfasts, and weekend getaways, considering them a normal part of life.

Published 25-May-2023