Off-Leash Dog Park Planned for Emily McCarthy Park in South Coogee

Emily McCarthy Park

A proposal to turn the picturesque Emily McCarthy Park in South Coogee is up for assessment and the idea could bring a delightful change to the lives of dog owners.

The news comes as a breath of fresh air for pet lovers living in smaller homes and apartments, who are eagerly awaiting a dedicated space for their furry friends to frolic freely.

A Much-Needed Haven for South Coogee’s Canine Companions

In response to the growing population in Randwick City and the need for accessible open spaces, Emily McCarthy Park has been earmarked as a potential off-leash dog area.

As of now, South Coogee lacks a designated off-leash park, making this initiative all the more significant. The park itself boasts natural shade, ample seating, and easy accessibility. Its proximity to homes and trees also offers a natural buffer from the road.

Council’s plans to transform Emily McCarthy Park into an off-leash haven include installing dog waste stations, additional bins, and new regulatory signage. This will ensure the park remains clean and safe for all residents to enjoy. 

However, it is vital to remember that off-leash privileges come with responsibilities. Dog owners must maintain effective control over their pets and clean up after them.

Seeking Public Input

The Randwick Council is actively seeking feedback from the community regarding this proposal. If you have an opinion or suggestion, now is the time to make your voice heard. The feedback period will remain open from the 31st of October 2023.

Emily McCarthy Park, situated in South Coogee, is a spacious green area adorned with both mature and young trees and park seating. It is traversed by two footpaths that connect IIuka Place with Elphinstone Road, making it an easily accessible spot for both local and visiting dog owners.

Guidelines for Responsible Dog Ownership

While the prospect of an off-leash dog park is exciting, it’s essential to understand the responsibilities that come with it. The Randwick Council has laid out specific guidelines to ensure that dogs are exercised safely and responsibly in designated areas:

1. Leash-Free Areas are Clearly Marked: Off-leash dog areas are designated with clear signposts that describe where dogs can be exercised without a leash. It’s crucial to keep your dog on a leash when outside these areas.

Photo Credit: Ryan Stone/Unsplash

2. Maintain Effective Control: Even when off-leash, dogs must remain under effective control at all times and should not become a nuisance to other park users.

3. Restricted Areas: Dogs are not permitted in certain areas, regardless of whether they are on a leash. These include Council’s beaches, rock pools, schools and pre-schools, children’s playgrounds, shopping centres, and playing surfaces of sports fields. Violating these restrictions can lead to fines.

4. Responsible Cleanup: Dispose of dog waste in a suitable manner. Randwick Council provides dog litter bins for your convenience. Failing to clean up after your dog in a public place can result in penalties.

5. Penalties Apply: Penalties are in place for failing to remove dog waste and for allowing a dog to be unleashed outside of a designated leash-free dog exercise area.

Published 19-Oct-2023