Thieves Take Defribillator at Coogee Courtyard, Owner Pleads for its Return

Defribillator Coogee Courtyard
Photo Credit: Rawpixels/Public Domain

Dave Martin, owner of Coogee Courtyard, urgently appeals to the thieves who stole a vital defibrillator from his café and urges the immediate return of the lifesaving equipment.

He purchased the defibrillator for $3,000 about a year ago intending to provide immediate assistance to the Coogee community during emergencies. The defibrillator is crucial for reviving individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, and the theft of this equipment has left the café’s owner and the community deeply concerned.

However, Coogee residents and visitors feel heightened vulnerability with the machine now missing. The situation’s urgency underscores the need for swift action to rectify this theft and ensure the community’s well-being.

In the wake of the defibrillator theft, Mr Martin refrained from involving law enforcement and instead made a heartfelt appeal to the perpetrators to return the stolen equipment without repercussions. 

NSW Health Minister Ryan Park condemned the theft of the defibrillator as reckless and dangerous, emphasising the critical role such devices play in saving lives. The minister’s strong stance aligns with the sentiments of the Coogee community, which is rallying behind Mr Martin’s call for the safe return of the stolen equipment.

Published 22-March-2024