Trash Woes Continue at Coogee Beach, Prompting Calls for Better Waste Management

Waste management
Photo credit: Joydip Sinha/Google Maps

Coogee Beach was left littered with rubbish once again over the weekend, sparking calls from locals for more bins and better waste management. 

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This comes after the popular eastern suburbs beach was strewn with items like bottles, bags, and other trash after beachgoers departed.

The ongoing issue has frustrated residents, with some labelling the constant mess as “disgusting” and urging Randwick City Council to take action. They argue Coogee and other nearby beaches lack adequate bins on the sand itself. 

Photo credit: Joydip Sinha/Google Maps 

One Facebook user suggested that adding more trash bins would lead to people actually utilising them, implying that the lack of adequate bins is part of the problem that allows litter to accumulate. 

Council officials have responded to the complaints by pledging more bins and staff. However, they maintain that beachgoers must take personal responsibility, especially when bins are full or unavailable.

The scenes over the weekend echoed similar incidents at Coogee and other eastern suburbs beaches this past holiday season. Locals are fed up with the rubbish left behind by crowds every summer. They want visitors to be more respectful and clean up after themselves, regardless of how many bins are present.

Photo credit: Rui Oliveira/Google Maps 

Whilst the litter problem has angered many locals, some organisations, such as the Sea Shepherd Sydney are taking action regarding better waste management. 

The Sea Shepherd Sydney crew held a community cleanup at Coogee Beach earlier in January, removing nearly 2,800 pieces of trash. They expressed disappointment at seeing so much garbage left behind after New Year’s celebrations. The top items collected were single-use food packaging, bottles, and cigarette butts.

Photo credit: Sea Shepherd Australia – Marine Debris Campaign

Environmental advocates remind beachgoers to dispose of their rubbish properly when visiting. 

“If you are heading for a picnic or beach time, remember to take your rubbish with you and dispose of it correctly. Let’s not leave it for marine life or others to pick up!” they urged in a social media post.

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With more vigilance and personal accountability from visitors, hopefully the sights of trashed beaches in the Eastern Suburbs will become a thing of the past.

Published 24-January-2024