Coogee Beach Tree Removal Sparks Controversy

Coogee Beach

Residents of Coogee are outraged by the recent removal of woolly bush trees near its iconic coastline, sparking controversy over the motives behind the action.

After a circulated photograph showed the cleared area, allegations surfaced suggesting that the removal was prompted by complaints from a local apartment owner whose view was obstructed by the verdant foliage. The photo was uploaded via the Coogee and Randwick Local Loop.  

However, Randwick City Council moved swiftly to address the mounting discontent, clarifying that the tree removal was part of a strategic plan to replace taller vegetation with plants of a lower growth profile.

This initiative, the Council explained, was undertaken to preserve the scenic vistas from a notable piece of local art, the Impressionists’ Seat, which pays homage to renowned Australian impressionist artists Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder, and Tom Roberts. These artists, celebrated for their depictions of Coogee Beach in the late 1800s, are immortalised in the artwork that offers viewers a glimpse of the same landscapes.

Coogee Beach
Photo Credit: RandwickCityCouncil

Whilst some residents have expressed an understanding of the Council’s efforts to honour the area’s artistic heritage, others lament the loss of the woolly bush trees, considering them an integral part of Coogee’s contemporary natural landscape.

In response to these concerns, the Council reiterated its commitment to managing vegetation on public land with careful consideration for safety, visibility, and preserving historical and cultural significance. 

Published 27-February-2024