Coogee Locals Voice Concerns Over Road Obstacle

Coogee Bay Rd roadblock

Residents in Coogee have voiced their grievances regarding an unusual road feature that has been causing damage to vehicles and exacerbating traffic congestion in the area.

The concrete blocks strategically placed on the corner of Arden St and Coogee Bay Rd have elicited frustration from residents who believe they are detrimental to both vehicles and traffic flow in the bustling beachside community.

The discontent among Coogee residents has found an outlet on social media platforms, where the locals have fervently expressed their concerns. 

Images shared online depict two concrete blocks protruding from the roadside gutter, flanking a metal grate that covers a void where a tree once stood, fuelling a passionate response from the community.

One local took aim at Randwick Council, imploring the authorities to address the issue promptly. In a Facebook post, he questioned the council’s inaction, asserting that the situation had led to vehicular damage and third-world traffic congestion.

“This is some of Coogee’s finest architecture,” he lamented. “When is Randwick Council going to pull their finger out of their bum and do something about this? Daily we watch cars destroy themselves on this, and the traffic congestion from not having a left-turning lane is third world! Wake up Randwick Council!” 

Coogee Bay Rd roadblock
Photo Credit: Courtyard/Facebook

The resident’s impassioned plea resonated with many Coogee residents, who called for the complete removal of the tree surrounds and concrete blocks. 

Randwick Council, however, has maintained its stance on the matter. A council spokesperson stated that the concrete blocks and tree surrounds serve a specific purpose and would not be removed. 

They emphasised that these tree surrounds are designed to protect street trees from potential harm caused by parked vehicles, such was the case of recent damage to a tree near the Arden St intersection. The council promptly replaced the tree on 24 Jan 2024. 

The council further clarified that there are no plans to eliminate the tree surrounds or trees from Coogee Bay Road, thereby leaving residents with mixed feelings on this issue.

Published 26-Jan-2024