Musician Petitions to Bring Busking Back to Rainbow Walkway in Coogee

Rainbow Walkway
Photo credit: David Trent Brooks/Google Maps

Musician David McCredie has started an online petition calling for allowing busking and live performances at the Rainbow Walkway in Coogee Beach.

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McCredie, who recently toured Australia with his brother Pete, revealed that he received an email warning of fines if he continued busking at the popular coastal spot. 

In response, he launched a petition aiming for 10,000 signatures in support of allowing amplification and public address systems for entertainment at the rainbow-painted promenade.

Photo credit: McCredie

The petition explains that Randwick Council sent the warning about potential fines. McCredie hopes to garner support to convince the council to reverse the ban before the upcoming summer season.

“This is such a great shame for the community. Personally I’ve had the time of my life busking down there over the past 12 months, creating such a beautiful community & I’ve met so many new friends,” McCredie wrote. “However it’s not just me, many other musicians play down there & I think it’s perfect for music / live performances.”

The petition has so far garnered around 4,000 signatures. McCredie said he has not had any success in trying to have a conversation with the council about permits for performing at the Rainbow Walkway in Coogee. He urged people to sign the petition, share it with friends, tag the council on social media.

“Let’s see it together, we can change this & make a way for amplified entertainment for this summer!” McCredie added.

Photo credit: Chris Cousins/Google Maps

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In response to the issue, a council spokesperson confirmed they are working through the issue with McCredie. The spokesperson also confirmed that whilst amplified music is currently prohibited under the beach management plan, they are developing a new busking policy that will address situations like this.

Published 19-September-2023