Dangerous Concrete Planter Blocks Continue to Frustrate Coogee Residents

Coogee Bay Road Planter Box
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Residents of Coogee are once again voicing their frustrations over a long-standing issue: a problematic planter box at the intersection of Arden Street and Coogee Bay Road, which they claim has been causing vehicle damage and traffic congestion for years.

The controversy resurfaced this week when a local cafe worker reported hearing about three cars crashing into the concrete blocks in just seven days, highlighting the ongoing nature of the problem.

Years of Community Complaints

The planter box, designed to house a tree, consists of two concrete blocks at the busy intersection. However, it frequently sits empty, leading to confusion among drivers and repeated calls for removal.

A long-time Coogee resident expressed that the planter box has been a headache for the community for far too long. She noted that residents have been complaining about it for years, but nothing seems to change and she believes it’s time for the council to listen to the community.

A business owner in the area stated that this has been an issue the entire time. He mentioned that they’ve seen countless accidents and near-misses, describing the issue as “beyond frustrating” as their concerns continue to fall on deaf ears.

Coogee Bay Road Planter Box
Photo Credit: Courtyard/Facebook

Council’s Persistent Stance

Despite years of complaints, Randwick City Council maintains its position on keeping the planter box. A spokesperson confirmed that the latest tree planted on the box had been “vandalised” and will be replaced.

In previous statements, the council has consistently defended the planter box as “adding value to an urban environment.” They also noted that the blocks serve as a wheel stop for nearby parking spots.

Published 9-July-2024